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 My journey began in the early 2000's when I felt I had to learn martial arts to help defend myself. I followed a friend into a Wing Chun school in Surfers Paradise and fell in love with it, however the culture wasn't quiet right for us. My friend then discovered Chinese Kung Fu Academy, now known as Henry Sue's Circular Tonglong, and said it was the most efficient and devastating art form he had ever tried. 

I tracked down the biggest school on the Gold Coast where I found that everyone there simply wanted to train and help each other and I've been training under Sifu Matthew Hansen ever since 2003. I reached Master level in October 2017 and can't thank my Sifu enough for everything he has and continues to teach me. 

I have since discovered that kung fu is more than just the fighting applications but also about developing mind and body connection and creating healthy and disciplined habits. My confidence has improved greatly and I can face a difficult situation or fight with a calm and focused mind to be able to identify real threats  and act or defuse the situation.


Sarm Bo Gin - White - December 2003

Sarm Bo Yil Kuiel - Yellow - April 2004

Sarm Kung Bic Kuiel - Orange - October 2004

Sarm Bo Pai Tarn - Green 1 - June 2005

Tong Long Bo Sim Sou - Green 2 - May 2006

Tong Long Won Sou - Blue 1 - Disciple Level - December 2007

Tong Long Um Gin Sou - Blue 2 - June 2010

Darn Sey Moon Gang Ging - Purple 1 - June 2011

Best Instructor Award 2012

Toured China with Mantis Kung Fu Academy 2012

Tong Long Bic Sarm Gung - Purple 2 - April 2013

Sarm Bo Gin Dai En Doon - Brown 1 - October 2015

Sarm Bo Gin Gang Tarn Ging - Brown 2 - November 2016

Best Instructor Award 2016

Fut Sou - 1st Degree Red Belt - Master Level - October 2017


Certificate III in Customer Contact

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

First Aid & CPR

Blue Card

Training Kung Fu

I currently teach adults traditional kung fu and qi gong and children modern kung fu within the MKFA (Mantis Kung Fu Academy) along with having my own students who I teach privately and at the MKFA in Pimpama. 

Most younger children aren't mature enough to understand what is involved to achieve the essence of the Chow Gar system so I teach them a simplified version to get them on the right track and learn the important morals of training martial arts, respect and discipline before the serious training to truly understand the art form takes place, usually when they start reaching their mid to late teens.

Kung fu has taught me how to be calm, focused, respectful and disciplined. My Sifu taught me how to structure classes and tailor specific training for individuals which has given me the confidence to teach the art form in a manner that is accepted and respected by my Sifu Matthew Hansen, who has been training the Chow Gar Mantis style since 1989.

I've conducted group sessions for schools, women fitness groups, disability groups and public and private demonstrations.

I am dedicated to teaching and passing on the knowledge that my Sifu gave to me, and his Sifu before him, on to others who are willing to learn self defence, traditional kung fu, qigong, weapons and fitness and to uphold the traditions of Tong long kung fu. 

I teach others so that I can continue to better myself; teaching is learning twice.

2012 Demonstration at the
Wong Fei Hung Lion Dance & Martial Arts Temple - Foshan, China

2012 Demonstration at the Wong Fei Hung Lion Dance & Martial Arts Temple - Foshan, China

Chinese Lion Dance

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A component of the kung fu training is learning the Lion Dance. At first it was a very daunting thing to have to do however the skills it gave me helped me overcome my initial fears very quickly.

The routine of performing in the lion helps create strong stance and helps train the 'gang tarn ging' energy. The performer needs to appear to be life-like, so the short sharp movements produced in the Mantis kung fu system are utilised in creating a spectacular visual for the guests.

Co-ordination and team work also play very important factors while under the lion costume. The tricks and manoeuvres I've done with my fellow partners have been like nothing I've experienced before. 

I look forward to every performance and being able to teach willing people who want to perform and/or enhance their martial skills through this method of training.

The Lion Dance performance itself symbolises good luck and prosperity. The lion traditionally 'wakes up', scares away evil spirits, performs tricks and then they'll eat an offering provided by the guest in the way of a lettuce or fruit, mainly mandarins, which encourages and excites the lion for a special finish before finally it falls back to sleep.

Qi Gong

This is a fundamental aspect of learning Tong long kung fu, but can also be learnt on its own for general health purposes.  It is extremely beneficial to our bodies that I strongly believe that everyone should train Qi Gong.

There is plenty of information on the interweb to read about surrounding 'what is Qi (Chi)' and different peoples understanding or opinions of it but for me personally, I like to explain that it is like a sensation that you can control and move around your body by focusing on your breath.

By moving your breath to different parts of the body, the Qi Gong training will massage the internal organs, stretch ligaments and tendons, along with compression components for building muscle density. 




The awareness around the importance of stretching and massage regularly tends to be over looked especially by people who do not train or exercise. Most sore back and neck complaints will often be caused by a muscle group that has restricted or tightened and is pulling other muscle groups around it.

A lot of people spend money on treatments and specialists to fix these issues, and although I respect these professions and they play an important role in our society, I believe that a routine stretching and massage plan each week will help prevent some of these complaints and strengthen muscle groups. 

Ligaments, Tendons & Muscles

I offer programs that will assist and maintain a healthy body. All kung fu lessons touch on each aspect of the training I've learnt but tailored programs are on offer for those who want to focus solely on one thing. 

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