Chinese Kung Fu Academy

From when I started in 2003 until 2009, I was apart of the CKFA under my Sifu Matthew Hansen and my Sigung Henry Sue.

Mantis Kung Fu Academy

My Sifu Matthew Hansen left CKFA and created his own Academy and brand. He continues to train us with the same passion and devotion that he demonstrated years ago when I first started. I am the 5th Master to have graded under him.

Chow Gar Mantis Association

In 2016, my Sifu joined his brother, my Sibak Adam Hansen, in reconnecting and training tong long kung fu with a direct disciple of Ip Shui in Hong Kong. In 2018 my Sifu Matthew Hansen became an official student of Hang Ng and therefore, he becomes my new Sigung, meaning Grandfather. 

My Sigung

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